Monday, January 25, 2010

Conspiracy Or Co-Incidence?

If you like conspiracy theories, you'll enjoy this post at Ticker.

It has just enough facts to put it on the edge of credibility, and there is NO lack of bad guys.

On the other hand.........

Summary: September of 2008 when Bernanke and Henry Paulson demanded $700 billion for EESA/TARP, and threatened that "if this doesn't pass the market will blow up."

Well, The House initially refused to pass the bill, if you remember.

Do you remember what Ben Bernanke was doing behind the scenes at the time?

Hint: Draining liquidity from the markets.

Result: SP 500 took a major dump.


Gibbs shows up on FoxNews and tells the Senate to "support Bernanke's re-nomination" or else.

Or else WHAT, Gibbsie?

Naaah. It's just politics, right?


J. Strupp said...

load of crap......

Dad29 said...

Maybe. I'm inclined to agree with you, but then.......

Tim Morrissey said...

The so-called "financial press" or "financial media" = PR flacks for Wall Street + wannabees