Friday, January 22, 2010

Brown's Daughter on "Available"

Interesting reaction to Brown's digression about his daughter's 'available' status.

Evidently, women are largely NOT concerned about the remark (including the daughter).

On the other hand, MEN are a bit taken aback by his comment.

Here's the daughter:

She admitted that she was slightly embarrassed. “But that’s what gives people a chance to see my real dad.”… Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck slammed Brown’s acceptance speech on his show Wednesday – specifically for broadcasting on national television that his two daughters are currently “available.” Beck appeared to compare Brown to Gary Condit...

“That is incredible. It just surprises me that people can be so negative,” Ayla said. “I feel as though all fathers across the nation can relate to having daughters and having these conversations…That’s our dad. There’s nothing creepy about it at all.”

So OK. I have daughters. A bunch of them. And I would NOT have made the comment that Brown did in a crowd that large. (Maybe at a Board meeting of Exxon...but they wouldn't let me in.)

On the other hand, Beck jumped at least one shark with his moronic comparo.

The daughter is a semi-pro buckets player (what, you think Boston College is "amateur"?) and likely can take care of herself, anyway.


Neo-Con Tastic said...

I think he was caught up in the moment and blurted it out, half-jokingly. There was no harm involved the comment and we get to see that he's just another dad, razzing his kids.

Beck's reaction is over-the-top.

Andrew K said...

Glenn Beck:
Whoring himself out to whichever wind gets him publicity.