Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wisconsin Cops Actually Become Pigs

Wisconsin Democrats extended their middle finger to local governments, and James E. Doylet signed off.

It's the Cops-and-Firefighters' Protection Act.

Yes, it will produce problems.

The law, which was worked into the state’s 2009-11 budget, requires county and municipal governments spend at least as much as they did the year before on police, fire and emergency medical services. If a government fails to meet the requirement, the state, according to the law, will withhold shared-revenue payments.

The law means local construction projects likely will suffer as county and municipal governments craft their upcoming budgets...

How piggish ARE the cops and firefighters?

“Look at where fuel prices were two years ago,” [the Madison city controller] said. “The city spent a lot on fuel just for the police and fire departments. Well, then they drop in 2009, so we have a savings there. Under this new law, we couldn’t use those savings for other needs.

We can’t consider efficiencies. We just have to keep spending the same amount.”

It used to be counter-cultural to refer to the cops as "pigs."

Not any more.


grumps said...

It's still condsidered to be bad manners.

The best protest is to use one of the private fire companies, Dad

Dad29 said...

bad manners my ass.

Now they steal at the point of TWO guns: their service-issue AND that of the D of Revenue.

I know that the firefighters' union is even worse--see Milwaukee for example. Other LARGE cities are running 3 men/truck and Barrett can't get the FFU to agree to FOUR men/truck.

And sending an engine company to "help" ambo crews is pure featherbedding.

neomom said...

Wow - you know its a real stinker when you get the Madison govt complaining about it.

Talk about the law of unintended consequences.