Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ObamaCare Dead; What of Congressional (D's)?

It appears as though ObamaCare is dead.

...The latest evidence that all this talk of the House passing the Senate bill and then 'fixing' it through reconciliation is nothing more than talk is that Democratic senators are bailing on the idea and it's no sure thing Harry Reid can even round up the 50 votes he'd need.

But there's a LOT of collateral damage. And that damage is from 'friendly' fire....

Obama has played this, "let them figure it out" thing with Congress on all his major initiatives. How's that worked out so far?

The thing is, Obama is moving on from health care. No, he's not saying it that way but he's clearly made his 'hard pivot' from it to his faux populism, spending freezes and jobs, jobs, jobs. That's hanging congressional Democrats out to dry with an angry base.

Obama isn't and can't come to their rescue, so what's in it for congressional Democrats to keep going on with what is a lost cause?

Even if the Democrat Party minimizes its Congressional losses in November--say, giving up 20 House seats and 3 Senate seats (in addition to Brown),-- those are losses. There is going to be resentment, at the very least.

It's possible that if Obama were not a Hard Left ideologue, OR if he weren't practicing Rahm-a-Jamma Chicago 'concrete shoes' politics, that he'd maintain some traction in Congress.

But that possibility is fading.

Thank God.


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Unknown said...

Mr. Obama is self-rightous about spending my money on his friends. By the way, I heard him say several times during the campaign "no new taxes", but Obamacare seems to be full of new taxes. I guess I misunderstood him somehow -- surely he wouldn't lie.