Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nazis=Commies=Eugenicists=The Real Left Wing

Five vids from Beck with Jonah Goldberg's valuable contribution.

And that headline up there?



VSO said...

Anyone see "Inglorious Basterds"?

grumps said...

Once you put that equals sign between Nazis and Commies your argument turns to mush.

"Proven to Dad's satisfaction," is not the same as "real."

J. Strupp said...

Godwin's Law.

I won't even click on the link because it's going to be nonsense.

You automatically forfeit the argument with that title.

neomom said...

So grumps - what exactly was so different between Hitler and Stalin? Other than the body count anyway.

jimspice said...

I consider myself a lefty's lefty, and the only person I've prevented from reproducing was myself about 8 years ago.

Dad29 said...

OK, Grumpy. Why don't you tell us the major difference between the commies and the national socialists?