Friday, January 29, 2010

Joe Wilson Was Right, Chapter 3

Chapter One was Joe's outburst. He was correct, of course

Chapter Two was Alito's quiet dissent. He was correct, of course.

Chapter Three?

Liars cherish nothing more than the civility of those who know the truth.

Frankly, a little incivility now and then, like a little rebellion, is a very good thing.


A bit lengthier, but addressing the same concept:

Culture is set against truth. This relativism, which is nowadays to found, as a basic attitude of enlightened people, penetrating far into the realm of theology, is the most profound difficulty of our age. This is also the reason why practice is now substituted for truth and why the whole axis of religions is thereby displaced: we do not know what is true, but we do know what we should do: raise up and introduce a better society, the "kingdom", as people like to say, using a term taken from the Bible and applied to the profane and utopian sphere. --Benedict XVI

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Grim said...

Now you say right, my friend. He has only finished what another so well began.

Honor requires defense. God knows it does, and may he forgive us for what we may be called to do in that regard.