Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Trautperson (Bishop) Drools

The world is small.

About 20 years ago, Dad29 wrote a nationally-published feature article on the torture and death of liturgical music. The first line was taken from the text "By the waters of Babylon..." We recited the usual facts, named the usual suspects, and lamented, harps hung.

About a week ago, Bp. Trautperson (no 'man' shall cloud his universality) drooled forth a jeremiad against those who would reform the reform. He managed to insult the Catholic laity, but that's not new; many pink-tutu-liturgy-wonks are John Kerry clones. He also insulted his brother Bishops and priests, who have learned, by and large, to ignore him.

But Anthony Esolen didn't ignore him. Instead, he printed an interlinear response to Trautperson's speech in Touchstone's blog.

The title?

By the Waters of Babylon

It's worth the read, by the way. It will not occur to the Bishop of LiturgyWonk that his day passed in (roughly) 1967...until he meets St Cecelia standing next to St Peter.


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