Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Run a Bar? Tail's Pinned to YOUR Butt

This case should be interesting:

As police crack down on binge drinking, some bar owners say they're being unfairly cited when drunken people inaccurately finger their establishment as the place where the excessive alcohol was served.

Scott Kundy, owner of Cheapshots in downtown La Crosse, got a $285 ticket Jan. 7 after a drunken 22-year-old woman was found drenched and barefoot after climbing out of the La Crosse River. The woman told police she drank at Kundy's bar.

"It's not right. I didn't do anything wrong and did everything by the book," Kundy said.

It's an accepted practice to cite bar owners and servers based on an intoxicated person's word and a follow-up investigation, Police Chief Ed Kondracki said.

The chief couldn't remember an instance of a bar owner contesting the citation, but Kundy said he intends to have his day in court.

The bar-owner intends to raise credibility issues with the woman's testimony. That shouldn't be too hard to do. My first question would be "....Kundy's bar, eh? And where ELSE?"

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