Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kagen: "Patent Medicine" Huckster, Too?

"Millionaire" Kagen (D-WI) is not merely an oaf, braggart-liar, or jackass. Apparently, he's also selling his own brand of "medicine."

And the FDA doesn't like it:

Federal health officials have warned freshman Rep. Steve Kagen that his Wisconsin allergy practice is in apparent violation of federal law for manufacturing and selling allergy shots without a valid license.

According to a letter sent to Kagen by the Food and Drug Administration, Kagen manufactured a variety of ragweed and grass allergen vaccines from commercially distributed pollen and sold the shots to patients at his clinic and in at least 24 other states.

The FDA letter, which was dated Dec. 18 but wasn't posted online until Thursday, said that Kagen, D-Wis., did not have a valid license required for introducing a biological product into interstate commerce.

Sorta kinda his own Health Care Reform, eh?

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Dad29 said...

Dear Goofy,

All I know is what's in the newspapers.

Let's see how this plays out, shall we?

I love Intrigues of the Rich and Famous!