Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Marquette U's "Honors" Program: Rotting from Within

GOP3 reports that some academic "honors" program at Marquette U will be producing the Vagina Monologues as part of a "symposium". Marquette U has thus managed to slam the virtues on the very same day in which it announced that Marquette will NOT allow criticism of its programs or profs.

We suppose that this is the result of "Symbolic Logic," (a sham and a ripoff used at Marquette in the beginning of the Sex/Drugs/Rock'n'Roll age.)

The highly controversial “Vagina Monologues” will be the heart of a symposium sponsored by the Marquette Honors Program entitled “Academic Conversation on Catholicism, Sexuality, and Human Rights,” April 14 at 4 p.m.

The announcement of the event is less than a year after the university denied left-leaning student organization JUSTICE’s request for the monologues’ performance last spring. The Rev. Andy Thon, Vice President of Student Affairs, said at the time a performance of the monologues would be “distractive” from the issue of violence against women.

But Director of University Communications Brigid Miller said this rendition of the monologues are permissible because they are being sponsored by an academic department, not a student organization. Unlike students, faulty-based “academic units are free to host lectures, discussions and symposia that are appropriate to their subject areas.

"Academic" Department?

Surely you jest, Brigid.

Academics needs VM like music needs fish.

As to criticism, the Warrior reports that Students for Academic Freedom was denied its application to become a recognized student group at Marquette.

The Warrior comments:

Quite clearly, criticizing Marquette, particular programs at Marquette and individual professors is viewed by Marquette bureaucrats as “inimical to Marquette’s commitment to academic freedom.”

In other words, “academic freedom” doesn’t include the right to claim that faculty and administrators are using their freedom in a biased way!

Like, for example, mocking Catholic and Christian virtue...


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to hate the google blogger. Anyway, this just shows that THEY are more enlightend than you. And me... And just about any real man.... I guess...

J said...

What I love more are my friends who have gone and just loved it because they take it so light hearted, don't understand what is even being said, and they get their chocolate vagina sucker.

Brother James said...

Why isn't there a 'Conservative Arts' curriculum anywhere? Or is that like Military Intelligence; an oxymoron.

A tip for Anon: All bloggers are the sum and center of their respective universes. That's why they blog. It's the same thing with commenters.