Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Smoke Tax and Ban: Complementary!

DarthDoyle is a man of contradictions. He agrees that killing babies by abortion or ESCR is a "good" thing.

On the other hand, smokers (who have escaped the womb untouched by DarthDoyle's pals) should not be smoking. It might kill them.

It has been observed that smokers will "find the money" to feed their habit despite the marginal increase in cost, which is likely for most of them. Even if they cut back on smoking, the difference will be small.

So a question: where will the money come from?

Not rent. Not heat. Not food.

It will come from other entertainment: restaurants, vacations, toys.

NOW you know why Darth also proposed banning smoking everyplace in the State. It won't make any difference. Smokers will not be spending money in restaurants and bars after they pay the Darth tax on cigarettes.

And you thought Darth was just a PIG-tax-grabber/liar.


Anonymous said...

He'll get nothing from me. I refuse to pay $4.00 for a pack of smokes. For me, it's becoming clear to leave this budding socialist cum banna republic 3rd world for a better place. I'll be researching other states, looking for one that's less oppressive and socialistic. Wank off, Doyle.

Dad29 said...

Shouldn't be hard to find one.

Hint: don't look at New York State. Given your occupation, forget Hawaii.

Massachusetts is out, as is New Jersey, and likely Maryland.

The rest should give you plenty of room.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

The ban will never happen. Although I think it's ridiculous, I couldn't have picked a better time to quit.