Monday, January 29, 2007

State DWD Program Short $128 Million. Complete Idiots?

Every two years, Wisconsin Gummint agencies are required to submit a budget. After the usual tweaking and yanking, the budget is approved by the Legislature and the Governor. Then the agencies proceed to spend accordingly.

Most normal folks begin by assessing one of two things: projected income, or projected expenses.

Maybe DWD doesn't "get" that yet.

In a letter to legislators and other officials made public Friday, state Secretary of Workforce Development Roberta Gassman said the state must consider tightening income criteria in ways that would knock some poor families off the program. The cuts could also raise parents' co-payments, cut rates paid to providers and start a waiting list for parents needing child care, she said.

Several paragraphs later, you find this little gem:

...Gassman said a deficit of $128.2 million in Wisconsin Shares, including a $46 million shortfall in the current fiscal year that ends June 30, is putting "extraordinary pressure" on spending.

So.....they were short $80+million last year and kept it a secret?

.....Oh, yeah. Last year was election year.

So the Governor and his Secretary of DWD either 1) deliberately and seriously screwed up their projected expenses, or 2) seriously screwed up their projection but DIDN'T TELL ANYBODY because DarthDoyle was running for office, again.

Your choice.

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