Wednesday, January 24, 2007

2nd Amendment to be Erased in Maryland?

Some dipwad frosh Maryland legislator wants to eliminate "assault weapons."

Although the name is masculine, the instinct is feminine, and the daffynitions in the proposal are astounding.

According to Senate Bill 43, introduced last Wednesday by freshmanSenator Mike Lenett, an "assault weapon" is simply a semi-automatic firearm (not a fully automatic machine gun) that has some scary-looking cosmetic features such as a folding stock; a bayonet mounting lug; a thumbhole stock; etc. It is not caliber, ballistics or function that defines an"assault long gun" but simply appearance. If passed, the legislation would also ban some shotguns and nearly all pistols, except possibly revolvers.

People like Lenett are not doing responsible legislators any favors at all.

HT: Of Arms and the Man

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Fidei Defensor said...

Under this law I think even the legendary M1 Garand would be contraband, sad.