Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Progressives: Living a Lie

Dietrich von Hildebrand was a thinker. So when he puts forth an opinion, it's worth noting.

"Progressivism holds that human culture always improves.........But the thesis of progressivism is by no means confirmed by the facts of human history. Indeed, it is flatly contradicted by it. Progress can be spoken of in certain domains only.

It is true that in the course of history man has acquired an incomparably greater knowledge of the material world. In the natural sciences, in medicine, and especially in technology in the widest sense of the term, an enormous progress has been achieved.

...When it comes to the question of a truly human life, when we look at history from the point of view of true humanism, it is impossible to conclude that real progress has been achieved.

Who could claim that the second century before Christ was on a higher cultural level than was the fifth century before Christ in Athens? It is impossible to overlook the obvious ups and downs that take place in history with respect to culture and true humanism.

We could mention the "progress" of New Orleans to the very top of the murder-rate scale in the US, but let's not.

Or we coule mention the various Wisconsin ".....Progress" groups, some of which are busy denying the laws of Nature.

But let's not.

After all, "progress" was canonized by Darwin, right?

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