Friday, January 26, 2007

Cdl. Martini, SJ: Not To Be Followed

Occasionally we've mentioned Cdl. Martini (SJ), now retired from his perch in Milan. We've never been friendly about him, and he just keeps adding to the pile of garbage he puts on the front porch of Catholics:

...the ten pages of doubts, hypotheses, and “gray areas” of cardinal Carlo Maria Martini in dialogue with bioethicist Ignazio Marino published in last week’s edition of “L’espresso” came like the manifesto of an antipope.

The fact that cardinal Martini... cleared the way for the use of the oocyte in the first hours after fertilization, maintaining that here “no sign of an individually distinguishable life yet appears,” was seen as an act of surrender to what John Paul II defined as the modern “culture of death.”

This is very serious stuff.

Martini is a close friend of Milwaukee's immediate-past-Archbishop.


Anonymous said...

Martini is a close friend of Milwaukee's immediate-past-Archbishop.

Gee. There's a surprise.

Dad29 said...

Shocked, I say. Shocked.

Rick--fly out on the next plane...

Terrence Berres said...

How are his words prophetic if they leave many people's faith shaken but no one's spirit stirred?

Dad29 said...

Perhaps he uses gin before prophesying rather than vodka.