Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another "Survey Says" Pile of Crap

You've heard that "51% of American women are living without a spouse...."


The Times got their numbers from the Census Bureau's new American Community Survey, which surveyed "117 million women over the age of 15." Wait a minute. "Over the age of 15"?

Lying with numbers, NYSlimes-style.


Anonymous said...

Are you implying that they ought to have inflated the numbers by counting under-15 female children who are too young to be married in any state of the union?

Dad29 said...

No--they DID inflate the percentage of "not living with spouses" women by the expedient of counting all women over the age of 15.

So why not go whole-hog and count ALL females in the USA? That way, an even LARGER % will not be encumbered by a "spouse."