Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Free Speech? Rug-Merchant Doesn't Like It.

Jessica points out that Euphoric Reality has a comprehensive rundown on the rug-merchant controversy.

Only problem: when you get to ER, they advise that their site was hacked, and a good chunk of their posts/responses were deleted.

So you have to go here to get more.

Meantime, American Spectator blog says that "the employee was fired." I don't recall that fact emerging from the JS report--only that the employee "was disciplined." The second link above repeats the claim of "firing."

That's not what the Company President told the JSOnline.

From what's written on ER, it seems as though the Company is a small-time distributor of goods, linked to a number of other minor-interest small-time businesses dealing with fitness and athletics--not to mention yoga.

The claim that the Company employs 10 people is highly questionable.

But then, so is the whining about "free speech," no?

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