Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Good Luck With That, Mr. Hodge

The Milwaukee Bucks recently acquired a player named Hodge.

He's not likely to be happy with Our Governor, DarthDoyle.

A Denver Nuggets player who was shot nine months ago and traded this week was one of two Nuggets in the process of trying to obtain concealed handgun permits.

Guard Julius Hodge, who was traded Thursday to the Milwaukee Bucks as part of a multiplayer deal, and Nuggets forward Reggie Evans, began the process of trying to get permits about two months ago, well before the shooting death of the Broncos cornerback

Hodge did not deny applying for the permit but refused to answer questions about why he wanted to carry a gun.

Last April, a gunman fired at Hodge as he was driving on I-76, spraying his car with bullets. The point guard had left a nightclub a few minutes earlier. Five bullets hit him. No arrests have been made.

Here in Wisconsin, Mr. Hodge, you simply won't get a permit to carry. That's because here in DarthDoyle's Wisconsin, there is no NEED for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. Just ask our police department members.


HT: John Lott

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