Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Celibacy: Preserves Capital, Too

We're reminded by the drones, droningly, that "married priests" would solve a lot (if not all) of the Church's problems.

But marriage has its own, ah, requirements. So does living the Lavender Lifestyle:

The Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa has restored $9.4 million to parishes and schools that lost the money due to mismanagement of a consolidated fund.

The consolidated fund was set up to pay for things the diocese couldn’t afford and had several contributors. In 1999, after former Bishop Patrick Zeimann resigned amid a sexual misconduct scandal, the diocese discovered Zeimann had been using the fund’s money inappropriately.

A quiet celibate lifestyle is not only a faithful reflection of the vocation (alter Christus) but infinitely better for keeping one's name out of the newspapers.

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