Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another State Republican Party Screw-Job

It's really difficult to cry over Republican losses, given this crap:

With more than 50 businesses seeking to pour liquor for the first time in the city, [City of Brookfield] aldermen tonight will consider sidestepping a state-mandated $10,000 reserve liquor license fee by rebating the money in the form of a grant.

...The city has 49 regular class B combination liquor licenses and another 20 reserve licenses, under a state quota system based on population. Under the 1997 change, the regular license-holders have to pay only a $600 annual renewal fee. But the reserve-license holders also have to pay a one-time $10,000 fee that was designed to protect mom-and-pop taverns from new competitors.

[Brookfield City Clerk] Schmidt said that although it doesn't cost the city $10,000 to administer each license, it does cost more than the $600 annual renewal fee.

That annual fee hasn't budged in more than 12 years, she said. Each liquor establishment costs the city time and money on such things as building and police inspections, compliance checks on underage drinking laws and background checks.

"The Legislature has been rather stingy about giving us any kind of increase on that," Schmidt said. "Nobody ever wants to suggest that because the Tavern League is such a strong lobby."

Of course, it's not just the Pubbies. Russ Decker also has an affinity for the Tavern League, especially when they're serving free drinks at "receptions" for lonely Legislators.

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