Sunday, January 21, 2007

Starve or Go North?

There are good reasons to leave a country. Imminent starvation is one of them.

So now we find that Congress, in its ineffable wisdom, has created a serious food problem for Mexico:

Skyrocketing prices for corn on the world market have pushed up the price of the humble tortilla, the mainstay of the Mexican diet, by nearly a third in the past three weeks, to 35 cents a pound in Mexico City and even higher in other parts of the country.

There is a continuing debate here about what caused the price of tortillas to shoot up so quickly. Some economists blame the increased demand for corn from ethanol plants in the United States, and it is true corn prices in the States last week reached their highest point in a decade, the United States Agriculture Department said.

This makes sense only if you adopt the "It's a Plot" mindset--the logic of which runs as follows:

1) Democrat congressmen realize that illegal aliens vote Democrat and join the SEIU.
2) Democrat congressmen need more votes; SEIU wants more members.
3) Democrat congressmen are funded by SEIU and the Queen Bee of Labor (Pres. of SEIU).
4) Democrat congressmen vote to force Corn-A-Hole into your car, raising the price of corn.
5) Food shortages arise in Mexico, the single largest source of Illegal Aliens after Islamic Terrorist Nations.
6) Mexicans flee to the USA, joining SEIU and voting (illegally) Democrat.

The only problem is that the scenario has a lot more credibility than both Kennedy and 9/11 conspiracy theories.


Anonymous said...

Great big holes in your theory. Just in premise 1:
Illegal aliens don't vote. (at least, not for several decades, after they find a way to get legal, wait the seven to ten years until they are permitted to apply and wait for some more years to become citizens) Since it will be no earlier than 2025 or so that today's aliens will be voting, the politicians could care less about them, since the standard politico can only see to the immediate next election.

Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful if we KNEW that "illegals don't vote."

But we don't. However, the Democrat ward bosses DO know.