Monday, January 22, 2007

Gun Control Nuts--Here's the Reality Check

As you may have suspected, the Brady Campaign (gun-control nuts) has been blaming George Bush for the problems some cities (ahemmmm) have in their violent-crime statistics.

The strategy was evidently outlined several months ago; various Mayors have been spouting the line ever since, including Milk-Carton Tommy in Milwaukee.

The refutation is contained in this article--but the author makes another interesting point (statistics are for 2005):

Separating states by RTC [Right-to-Carry] status, we find that RTC states’ average LEO [Law Enforcement Officer/100,000 population] rate is 29.7% lower than non-RTC states, yet their violent crime rate is 21.6% lower, and murder rate 30.4% lower. Non-RTC states have higher rates than the national average in all three categories: LEO, 125.4%; violence, 119.1%; murder, 129.3%. Meanwhile, RTC states average rates are less than the national average: LEO, 90.3%; violence, 93.5%; murder, 90.0%.

Lessee, heah, boys and girls...

Less cops/resident AND less violent crimes and murders/resident.

In other words, it's possible to reduce cops AND crimes by simply giving each law-abiding adult a nice new Colt .45 with a holster and a few dozen bullets.

Sounds good to me!

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