Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Model for US Bishops

Of course, the predicate would be lavender, not Red.

Following the Bp. Wielgus affair,

Now the Polish bishops have decided to create an independent commission to investigate themselves for past collaboration with the security services. According to the Zenit Daily Dispatch for January 14, 2007, local investigative commissions will be formed across Poland, and a “National Ecclesiastical Historical Commission will be set up in March in which historians and jurists, among others, will take part. The Institute of National Remembrance [a pre-existing body created by the Polish government], established to investigate and document cases of Communist collaboration, has been entrusted with the files of the secret police, and will aid in the investigation of the bishops. The results will be sent to the Holy See, which will have the last word.”

Sure would be nice to have a little sunshine for cures, no?

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