Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Threaten a Daughter? Sorvino Has the Answer

HT: Catholic Caveman:

"Goodfellas" actor Paul Sorvino pulled a gun on his daughter's ex-boyfriend after the man pounded on her hotel door and made threats, the daughter testified Tuesday.

"He got in my father's face and said, 'Go ahead, Paul, shoot, I ain't done nothing wrong,'" Amanda Sorvino, 36, told a Monroe County judge. The judge granted her request for a protection-from-abuse order against Daniel Snee, 21.

Amanda Sorvino testified Snee threatened to kill her at a hotel Jan. 3 in Stowe, Vt.; she said she locked herself in the bathroom and called both police and her father. Her 67-year-old father showed up before police, she testified. When police arrived, the young man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, she said.

The meatball's lucky the cops showed up fast.

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