Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another Reason Pelosi Doesn't Like "Interest Groups"

As you know, the Empress, Pelosi, has rammed through a bill in the House which will have a devastating effect on grass-roots interest groups. (The Senate has added language which will have the same effect on churches.)

In brief, if the group 'influences voters' they will have to register with the Feds, fill out endless forms, and generally put up with a lot of government shit.

Screw the First Amendment. We're the Democrats! The Empire!! We were elected to RULE!!


Here's what the reliably pro-abortion Empress has to face in the "interest groups" interned postings: pictures of babies in utero displaying affection for their womb-mates (heh...) as brought to you by Modern Commentaries (see the link for the whole picture.)

We're waiting for Abp. Wuerl to adopt a "style" of teaching and ruling the Empress which comports with immutable Roman Catholic morals...

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