Friday, June 30, 2006

Surgeon General & EPA: Liars, Again

One of the better science-oriented bloggers in Wisconsin is Random10. Thus, it's always interesting to get his/her take on the yappaflappa of the gooey Left--whose most prominent member in the last few days has been the Surgeon General.

(AlGore doesn't qualify as a member of the 'goody Left.' Like Michael Moore, Al's simply from another planet altogether.)

Our Surgeon General issued a report the other day claiming that 'the debate about second-hand smoke is OVER,' and immediately issued a 700+ page report pile of crap to support his position.

Random 10 takes it from there:

NO SAFE LEVEL. There are no qualifications, no mitigating factors, no dose levels or exposure durations without risk to safety. The laws of physics are proportionate but molecules dispersed in air possess an absolute. - I don't think so. - Passionate hatred has a way of purging reason from thought and anti-smoking zealots hate tobacco.

The corruption of science for political ends is one of the most disturbing trends in public discourse. Activists working to manipulate emotions shamelessly concoct horror stories that are a mix of objective numbers like “126 million nonsmoking Americans”, and subjective concepts like safety. The hodge podge intends to imply the conclusions are true so the recommendations should be followed.

Random also has a link to Fumento's column on the topic.

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Billiam said...

Until people start asking them to back up their claims, it'll continue. Ever hear a stat in an add, say, 1 women dies every 15 seconds because of, what-ever?
That's 5760 a day, or 2,102,400 a year. At that rate, shouldn't there be a shortage? No one calls them on this. At least, that the media allow to be heard/read.