Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dem AG Candidate: "You're A Racist"

Peg Lautenschlager, who managed to blow all her political capital after only about 4 months in office, and who has mis-spent AG Office resources in a style resembling that of Janet Reno, has now descended to the bottom.

She's pulled out the old "RACIST!!!!" trick.

Actually, "Keg," we ARE discriminating folks here in Wisconsin.

That's why you'll need a new source of, ah... beer money... come January.


allendrury said...

I still do not know what the problem is with immigrants other than in the minds of some that they have a different color to their skin and speak a different language.

I live with a college professor who has a doctorate in language and teaches both French and Spanish. As such I can recite chapter and verse over plenty of studies to show that a great divide seems to develop among some Americans when they can't understand a separate language and so strike out with all sorts of fear and racist reactions. These same people advocating a wall to keep out immigrants also mindlessly seem to think a one-language policy is an appropriate way to keep their power in society.

People with any common sense, let alone an education, understand the economic fears that drive many Anglo-Saxons to the point where they feel lashing out is the only response they have left to them. It is truly a sad thing to witness. It also strikes me as being very anti-intellectual.

Chris said...

Wow if that isnt the front runner comment for "I am the smartest person in the room award" Awarded Daily. I dont know what is.

I just love how they cannot fathom why we stupid hick knuckledraggers will just not sit down and let peole Like Allen run our lives for us since we are without common sense or education

hey Dad29 I seem to remember you have a piece of paper from a little school known as Marquette right? I seem to still be paying for a college education(biggest waste of money in my entire life by the way)

since we went to college does that mean Allen will hold our opinions in higher esteem over a moonbat who only went to high school? They seem to judge a person worth by their level of education.

Get over yourself Allen you elitist Asshat.

Anglo-Saxon is code for evil white people.

I am willing to take a flyer and put Allen in my wouldnt survive 3 days if society fell apart club.

This smug we are so much smarter then them attitude is why they keep waking up the day after elections and find out they lost once again.

Dad29 said...


All I know (albeit a bit rusty) is Latin, Greek, Russian--with a passing acquaintance in German.