Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rove's Safe--Maybe Libby, Too

The "nutroots" of Dean-the-Scream fame may soon have to purchase new keyboards as a result of soaking theirs in tears, or spit...

In truth, it has been obvious for SEVEN MONTHS that Rove had done nothing to deserve an indictment. From prosecutor Fitzgerald, the announcement is better late than never. But it's so late as to be an abomination that it took so long. And really, perjury is a charge meant to protect against deliberate lying. If it takes so many, many, many, many, many monts to decide if soembody perjured himself, that's a pretty good sign that the supposed "lie" is, at worst, in such a gray area that the truth is more a matter of perception than of absolutely cut-and-dried facts. Again, dragging the case on for so long was a travesty.

Meanwhile, even the case against Scooter Libby looks like a waste of time -- and I, for three weeks, thought it looked pretty solid. But ever since Bob Woodward came out with his info on the case, it has looked more like a prosecutor desperately seeking vindication or ego satisfaction than like a clearcut case of perjury.

All along, the most obvious and demonstrable, deliberate lies were those told by Ambassador Joe Wilson -- not in court, but in public. Too bad that public lies can't be punished the same way ones in court, under oath, can be!

Not just a waste of time--a waste of money, too.

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