Friday, June 16, 2006

New Blogsite Visitor


Like most of you other bloggers, I've had lots of visits from Wisconsin's Dep't of Administration, a number of different Universities around the country, and various folks from Europe.

But THIS one was new:

Executive Office Of Asset Forfeiture (US Treasury)

Also today: the NYPD (Brooklyn office.)

One more thing: if you want a lot of Google-inspired visits from Moslem countries, use the term "homosex" in a headline.

Always interesting.


Kevin Whiteman said...

You think YOU got it rough?? I keep getting visited by the Jesuits in St. Louis!

They must be plotting something against me.

The Crescat said...

how do you know who visits?

Dad29 said...

Get StatCounter (google them) and put it on your blogsite. Keeps track of visitors and id's them if their OP is track-able.