Wednesday, June 21, 2006

House to Avoid Immigration Vote

In a move spun as "a sign Bush reforms to fail," the House leadership decided that it was more important for Republican-lite members to keep their jobs than to vote on an immigration plan. In all likelihood, a number of Republican Senators pushed House leadership towards this decision.

Realizing that voters are largely in favor of the original House plan, but ALSO realizing that moneyed interests who are in favor of cheap labor will curtail contributions should the plan advance, Denny Hastert has announced "hearings" on the plan.

Hastert's tactic will likely push a vote on immigration reform out to after the election.

Of course, this will also allow House (and Senate) members to vote on a plan which will incorporate a number of features from the Senate's version of the bill, which are unpopular with voters--but their vote will not occur until after the November elections.


RJay said...

That's right. It's all about the money.
The only reason Hastert wants to push a vote on immigration reform out to after the election is so his voters won't know where He stands.
He stands with El Presidente Arbusto.
Does he think the voters are that stupid? Probably.

Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America
Presidente Arbusto, Presidente Vicente Fox of Mexico, and Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada unveiled a blueprint for a safer and more prosperous North America.
All imports will come through Mexico and transported by Mexico, precluding the unions like the Teamsters, via a main highway from Texas to Canada.

Not to mention the plan to Replace the Dollar With the 'Amero'

How Lame can a Lame Duck get?
Bush is showing us how!

Dad29 said...

Hastert has a particularly embarrassing problem--as the single largest employer of individuals with FALSE ssan's happens to be in Illinois.

Dad29 said...

Perhaps you've heard the expression "Hold your nose and vote.."

Where I live, Sensenbrenner is the Rep. I won't vote FOR Kohl--won't make much difference.

No question about AG race.

The '08 Pres. looks interesting, eh?

Finally--I have gone 3rd-party on occasion.

RJay said...

Just because we have a president that doesn't give a wit about illegal immigration doesn't mean I will not vote republican in '06 or '08.

Voting 3rd party in 1992 gave Clinton the White House.
Ross Perot, received more than 18% of the popular vote.

"Finally--I have gone 3rd-party on occasion."
I suppose this means that you are one the voters who gave Clinton the White House.
Or does it mean you voted for Ralph Nader 2000?

Dad29 said...

rjay, when I go 3rd-party, it's with good reason.

Bush41 had lost Wisconsin by a ton, not surprisingly, and the Constitution Party beckoned.

Ross Perot? Get serious.