Thursday, June 15, 2006

"Movimento"--The Political Revolution

So you think the post below is a bit...over the top?

Thanks to Jim Pinkerton, who provides quotations

On Tuesday, I attended a panel discussion entitled "The New Immigrants Movement," part of a "Take Back America" conference convened in Washington, D.C., by the left-wing Campaign for America's Future.

Consider the words of Roberto Lovato, identified as a writer for New American Media, describing itself as "the country's first and largest national collaboration of ethnic news organizations." Speaking first, Lovato declared that he had problems with the words "civil rights." "a lot of the members of the movement [movimento] were [are] political revolutionaries in countries such as Nicaragua and El Salvador." And that's why, he concluded, "this is not just a civil rights movement - this is the northernmost expression of a continental rights movement."

Indeed, the "de-Marxification" was deficient...


Billiam said...

Hmmm.. "Continental Rights". Sounds like a call for open borders from the southern tip to the North Pole. What's next? Chavez for pres.?

Brother James said...

Hmm, how quickly can we collapse the economy of the USA, and spread that wealth around? Unfortunately, our american appetites have made this scenario more and more likely.

We want lots of stuff.
How do we get lots of stuff? Make stuff cheap.
How do we make stuff cheap? Pay workers next to nothing.
Who works for next to nothing? Workers in Third World Countries work for next to nothing?
How can they live on nothing? Socialist Government subsidizes labor costs.
Why should a government subsidize labor costs? To get industrial capital and jobs from americans that want lots of stuff, want it cheap, want a decent wage, and then cry about jobs going overseas.

It is the expressed goal of Marxists for the working class to seize the means of production, and they have done just that by exploiting our avarice. Whatever jobs have not gone overseas wil now be under pressure from continental migration of cheap labor.