Saturday, June 24, 2006

Feds to Wisconsin Election Board: FIX IT!!

The Wisconsin Elections Board, attempting to save BagManJim's next election try, voted to defy Federal law at its latest meeting:

...the State Elections Board on Friday refused to back down from its earlier decision to allow people to register to vote on election day by providing part of their Social Security number if they cannot or will not produce their driver's license number.

...the U.S. Department of Justice reviewed the board's May 17 decision to permit people to register at the polls on election day using the last four digits of their Social Security numbers if they did not have their valid driver's licenses with them or if they did not remember the numbers.

In a letter to Kevin Kennedy, executive director of the Elections Board, John Tanner, chief of the voting section of the Department of Justice, said the provision to allow registration using the last four digits of Social Security numbers by people who possess valid driver's licenses is clearly a violation of the requirements of the Help America Vote Act.

Tanner said federal statutes require a driver's license number for everyone registering to vote on election day who possesses a valid driver's license.

People who have not been issued a valid driver's license may use the last four digits of their Social Security number to register. Anyone without a driver's license or a Social Security number will be issued a special state identification number.

"In essence, we gather that the Elections Board believes that state legislation that was enacted to implement HAVA can nonetheless be read to eviscerate the clear and superior requirements of that federal statute," the letter says, noting the agency's power to initiate litigation to ensure compliance with the law.

The REAL laugher is the JSOnline's headline and sub-head on the story:

Board sticks with voting policy
GOP-controlled panel to review decision on voting requirement

Another suggestion:

Board defies Federal Law
Democrats vote to authorize election fraud

Seems to me that's a more accurate header/sub, eh?

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