Thursday, June 29, 2006

Daily Takes, Sykes--Minor Error

Fraley's Daily Takes fed Charlie some bad info.

The three "clowns" who damaged DoD property and were arrested last week were NOT FROM WISCONSIN.


The nuthouse "group" they belong to is based in this State, but the Bozos who were arrested were NOT STATE RESIDENTS.


C'mon, Fraley--all you have to do is actually follow the links from Drudge!

And another thing, Brian--get your stupid blog to take comments so other bloggers do not have to post corrections. Even Xoff takes comments!

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Anonymous said...

Having read the report, I had to laugh. What a waist of time, the doors on those silos are designed to be able to open even with TONS of rubble on top of them. A few bangs with a hammer, heck even if you kept it up for weeks, wouldn't matter.