Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fathers' Day!

....if you're a father, of course.

Best part: the kids actually remain in contact, and not just for quick cash.

And they're reasonably respectful, especially when I have the .357 tucked into my belt.


jp said...

Dear Dad;

Hopefully not the front part of your belt.
People who treat guns lightly are dangerous.

Dad29 said...

Of COURSE in the front, crossdraw-style.

How else does a country gentleman wander about the estate?

Scarlette said...

Well, I'll ask the question:
Why do you have a gun in your pants in the first place? Do you have lots of bad guys wandering around the country estate?
I personally hope it's to shoot a possum or two (or however many you can ).

jp said...

Dear Dad;

Are you suggesting your kids fear you would shoot them if they were disrespectful? What ever happened to yelling like a crazy man?

Dad29 said...

JP, yelling is SOOOO 20th Century...

Scar, there are no remaining wildlife on the estate. The last one succumbed to high-speed lead last year.

Yes, the children know that a .357 slug travels at approx. 1,350 ft/sec.--and they are respectful.