Monday, June 26, 2006

Dennis York's Tour de Force

York's always been funny--but this one is far and away one of his best, and likely to ring familiar bells to most of you of the male persuasion.


During the entire night, hospital staff is running in and checking your wife’s progress. There are doctors, nurses, interns, and other staff that have an all access pass to her womb. It won’t surprise you a bit to find out that some guy examining your wife’s cervix is the Pepsi machine mechanic just coming in to see if everything was alright.

Finally, it’s time for an epidural, which will numb her from mid chest down and completely change the trajectory of the evening. For one, you will find out that your relationship may not be as strong as you thought after she proposes on the spot to the anesthesiologist. She will treat this guy like he’s George Clooney handing her an Ann Taylor credit card with no limit. You instantly become the fifth most important person in the room (behind the doctor, your wife, the baby, and the soft drink mechanic, who won’t leave for some reason).

Let's hope that Blogger doesn't lose York's posts...

1 comment:

Dennis York said...

Undeserved praise, but I'll take it. Keep up the good work yourself.