Friday, June 30, 2006

Does "Academic Freedom" Include Lies?

Jessica got the story to go Statewide; Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) has asked the UW-System to review the status of Kevin Barrett, Certified Moonbat and lecturer, UW-Madison and Edgewood College. (Of the two, it's a horse-race for moonbat-comfort-levels, but that's another story.)

Kudos to Jess for her success.

But there's more: today she picks apart the BS (a nasty job, eh?) in the JSOnline story--and there's a lot of it.


David Walsh, president of the UW System Board of Regents, said Barrett should be able to share his views in the classroom."Unless he's yelling fire in a crowded theater, we need to be careful to protect his academic freedom," Walsh said.

I suppose that Walsh is being careful--most likely he has no idea what's going on here (endemic to UW Regents.) On the other hand, President Walsh, let's ask the question: is "academic freedom" the freedom to postulate fantasy?


Billiam said...

Dad, the answer is yes, if the administration agrees with your views. Or at least hates the sitting pres.

EC Butthead said...

On the other hand, President Walsh, let's ask the question: is "academic freedom" the freedom to postulate fantasy?

You know, after reading some of your stuff on Joe McCarthy I find this pretty funny.

Dad29 said...

Well, ecbutthead--PROVE that any of my McCarthy post was "fantasy."

You know, documentation.

You have until July 5th.

EC Butthead said...

Oh that's sweet. Demand documentation on something that history rendered it's judgement on decades ago. Especially after adopting the MSU approach, and unquestioningly swallowing crap from other people that MSU. Next you'll be asking for documentation that your pal Jensen is a criminal.

I have a policy of not debating people with their hands clapped over their ears screaming "I CAN'T HEAR YOU". Sorry.

But speaking of documentation, I plan on bookmarking the McCarthy entry. It'll come in handy the next time some bloghead references something of yours and I want to document that maybe ol' Dad isn't the best place to get your information from.

Dad29 said...

ec--what's to "debate" in your first response?

All the items on McCarthy are absolutely true, and documented--not just by Anne Coulter, but by M. Stanton Evans; and of course, all that research came from the original sources.

On the other hand, all you bring to the table is "the judgment of history," which history was largely written by the Left; hardly un-biased.

However, you DO demonstrate again that the Left's case of "projection" is serious when you accuse me of "I can't hear you" pouting.

Still looking for your refutation of the post's ERRORS--not your whine.