Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Criminal Trial on Blanchard's Calendar?

S'pose Brian Blanchard's going to prosecute this guy--and try to put him in jail IMMEDIATELY if a conviction is won?

A state regulatory attorney is under investigation for violating work rules by asking hundreds of co-workers in an e-mail to oppose a death penalty referendum this fall.

Arthur Thexton, a lawyer for the Department of Regulation & Licensing, is under investigation for a June 15 e-mail that called on fellow employees to oppose the advisory referendum, which will be on the Nov. 7 ballot, said Steven Gloe, the agency's general counsel

Using state resources to campaign is illegal.


allendrury said...

You are a little slow on getting aboard the train! And your slowness shows this is just now politics on your part. Some of us have been lamenting this for years.

allendrury said...

Or maybe as a state worker just told me...he should just be called to testify in Scooter's appeal!Hmmmm.....since Jensen says this stuff is fine to do....

Dad29 said...

Umnnhhh..Al, I didn't even pick up the Doyle-staffer story in this AM's Milwaukee JSOnline.

First off: it's not exactly political. You never read a post in which I exonerated Jensen; my only "friendly" post on J. was that he should not be incarcerated pending appeal. He's not exactly a danger to wimmin/chilluns...

As to "the system," I've advocated a reform whereby only the Parties, in separate office quarters, run the politics.

Leg staff and Exec staff do NOTHING but gummint-related stuff, period. No babysitting, no shoe-polishing, nothing but State affairs-related.

Same for the civil service, which is where this guy is located. NO politics, sorry, on State equipment or State time.

I'm not really late to the party, Al--but I've not written out my thoughts.