Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dan Maguire: Cancer

Below we noted that Dan Maguire, ex-priest and heretic who teaches "theology" at Marquette University, authored a pack of lies sent to each Congressman. In this pack of lies, Maguire attempts to make the case that Homosex "marriage" is a grand old tradition, sometimes approved by the Church.

Well, that's not a surprise to anyone who knows Maguire's history. The surprise and disappointment is that Marquette University insists on retaining this jackass on its payroll.

Apparently Dan Maguire has sold his soul to some very influential friends:

Board of Directors [Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin]
Elected Members

Stephen Adams, Andria De Toro Balda, John Bigler, Portia Brazil, Geraldine Bruno, Maggi Cage,
Karen Campbell, Dennis Christensen,MD, Jane Delzer, Bela Roongta Eitel, Heidi Fields, Enrique Figueroa, Colleen Fitzgerald, Caroline Fribance, Judith Hartig-Osanka, Joanne Huelsman, Leigh Meier, Donna Luebke, Karen Musser, Kathie Zieve Norman, [Chair], Will Olive, [Treasurer], Carmen Pitre, Sheila Reynolds, Azara Sanatiago-Rivera, Jay Schamberg, MD, Tia Torhorst, Martha Vukelich-Austin, [Secretary], Julie Worlzala.


La Don Love, Scott Spear, MD, Anna Windsor, MD


Chris Abele, Sara Aster, Barbara Brumder, Donald Buzard, William Chester, Jr., Linda Davis, Joan Hardy, D. Winthrop Hass, Bonnie Bockl Joseph, Bea Kabler, Jane Kaiser, Daniel Maguire, Linda Mellowes, Edie Brengel Radtke, Robert Slater, Lois Smith, Polly Van Dyke, William Willis

The link above is to Planned Parenthood's 70th anniversary dinner program here. Pictures of the event show BagManJim Doyle sucking up to Dan Maguire and Alex Sanger (related to the racist, Margaret Sanger) curiously interposed with a picture of Willie Davis, a former Green Bay Packer (and beer distributor whose main line was Schlitz.) By no co-incidence, Ms. Lynde Uihlein (a Schlitz brewing heiress) was also pictured...

Maguire made some remarks:

The audience also enjoyed the erudite, insightful and often hilarious remarks of the evening’s master of ceremonies, Professor Dan Maguire, Milwaukee’s own Catholic theologian who has written extensively about a woman’s sacred right to manage her own body and life. “These 70
years of Planned Parenthood have been an epic profile in courage,” said Maguire. “Family planning in theocratic America is dangerous."
(Apparently Maguire did not credit his co-author, the Father of Lies)

Follow the money, folks:

Jim Stewart, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, presented the 2005
Margaret Miller Award, PPWI’s highest honor, to Lynde Uihlein. “Lynde is a great friend and champion of women’s health…

And, of course, a low-level bought-and-sold "Catholic" comic:

Milwaukee Comedian John McGivern treated the audience to his memories of growing up in a working class Catholic neighborhood. John’s performance was in honor of a friend he had in his youth who became pregnant at the age of 19 and was in a bad relationship. Her friends told her they would help her and took her to Planned Parenthood. Twenty some years later, she says she has a family—two daughters and a husband—because of Planned Parenthood.

The woman has a husband and two children "because of Planned Parenthood"? Really! Did PP officiate at the wedding?

Well, Dan, you have your friends.

Will Marquette University grow a backbone?


Brother James said...

Who does this guy report to? Anyone even think of requesting a mandate from this heretic, a la Ex Corde Ecclesiae? It never ceases to amaze and anger me that there is no accountability among 'catholic' theologians to the Catholic Church. Where are the Jesuits when you need them? Oh, I forgot, many of them have joined the other side..

Dad29 said...

Here's Marquette's blather:

Since 1881, Marquette University has been known for its commitment to educational excellence in the 450-year-old Jesuit tradition. The Jesuit order of Catholic priests has embraced the belief that true education should develop not only the intellect, but also moral and spiritual character.

A Marquette education aims not only for the mind, but also the heart and soul. The experience is more than an acquisition of knowledge; it's a transformational education that challenges you to develop the goals and values that will shape the rest of your life.

For whatever reason, the Chair of Theo at M.U. is not easily available on their website:

Billiam said...

In other words, "bugger off and don't dare to question us." That about sums it up, right?

mrbgo said...

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