Friday, June 23, 2006

Maguire Lies to Congress--With Link to "Whopper"Dan's Text

Dan Maguire, a strange but not wonderful creature, now inflicts his heresies on the US Congress:

Dr. Daniel Maguire, professor of theology at Marquette University, A Jesuit university in Milwaukee, is at it again. The frequent defender of legalized abortion and euthanasia is now lobbying Congress, claiming that same-sex marriage is compatible with Catholic teaching. As part of a project of the Brico Fund, Maguire has authored a pamphlet called “A Catholic Defense of Same-Sex Marriage,” which has been sent to every Congressman’s office on Capitol Hill. The cover letter says, “There are two views on [same-sex marriage] in traditional Catholic theology, one in favor, one opposed. Both have equal standing.” Yes, he really claims that.

See, in Maguire’s theological view, there is no such thing as Sacred Tradition nor there is a teaching authority known as the Magisterium of the Church. What really counts is that theologians, like himself, can come up with inane theories based on tortured readings of Scripture, historical texts, and completely made-up histories.

He then lists common objections, such as “The Bible says all homosexual activity is evil and sinful” and “The Catholic hierarchy condemns all homosexual sex,” with responses that boil down to “ignore these authorities and accept my interpretation of the facts.” It would be easy to dismiss Maguire as a heterodox crank, but the reality is that those looking for a reason to declare their dissent from solid Catholic teaching [will find it here.]

Somebody called "The Brico Fund" paid for this crap--and whaddya know? Other beneficiaries of the Fund include: the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network; ACLU of Wisconsin; NARAL Pro-Choice America; Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. ("Brico Fund" used to be the Lynde Uihlein Foundation. Think of that the next time you quaff an Old Milwaukee--or Schlitz Beer.)

For THIS crap Fr. Marquette camped out in Wisconsin? I doubt it.

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Brother James said...

It's just further proof of an overarching diabolical conspiracy to destroy the Catholic Church. Otherwise, these theologians and assorted heretics would have long ago become Episcopaliens.

Dad29 said...

Actually, DannyBoy is just there for the money.

He can't GET a job anyplace else--they all know about him.

Brother James said...

Oh, like that story, out of Australia, of a dissenting priest describing how he only stays with the Church because he has no other career options and retirement goals? That's really great. "Who needs integrity, I'll just be quiet, do my time, and after 15 more years, collect my pension and blow it all at the local gay bar."? scary thought.