Friday, June 16, 2006

Last Supper, Ripped Temple Curtain, Cups

OK--this will link to a Scott Hahn lecture which will explain:

1) Why the 4th cup was NOT consumed in the Cenacle;
2) Which lambs were not fit for sacrifice;
3) Required Levitical clothing for offering sacrifices; and
4) Why the vinegar?

Yah. It's interesting, if you are Catholic (or even if you're a separated-breddern.)

After you've read Hahn's piece, you can better understand the emphasis placed on the "ripped veil of the Temple" by (then-) Cardinal Ratzinger, which he specifically cites as 'the beginning of the Cosmic worship.'

It's also not de fide. But it's really interesting.

HT: The Lady in the Pew

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