Friday, June 30, 2006

Moonbat With LARGE Money

While UW lecturers fantasize, the Big Money behind the DU and Lefty 529's demonstrates that he actually writes opinions for Justice Kennedy:

He [George Soros] goes on: “Our view of the world will never correspond to the world as it is because we are part of the world, and what we think automatically becomes part of our world too. The way we look at the world changes the world.”

You can buy his book. It's all in there:

“The Age of Fallibility: Consequence of the War on Terror,” financial speculator George Soros attempts to patiently explain to those of us who are not billionaires how the world works. As he points out, “America is an open society, but people are not well versed in philosophy and they do not fully understand the principles of open society.”

You see, George Soros understands philosophy. As he says in his chapter on Thinking and Reality, “The fact that our thinking forms part of what we think about, has far reaching implications both for our thinking and for our reality.”

So you see, you only think you think what you think but it is your thinking that makes you think that.

We think.

HT: Planet Moron

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