Friday, June 16, 2006

Ann Coulter Did NOT Say This

For those of you who are crawfishing away from Ann Coulter, the following:

You have to admire the brazen hypocrisy being exhibited by the liberal media when it comes to the treatment that Ann Coulter has been receiving from them.

She has been so vilified that at least one liberal columnist has reportedly suggested she'd be better off dead. He actually asked her, "Would it kill you to do us all a favor and kill yourself?" But that columnist, Simon Dumenco of Ad Age, gets away unscathed – as do the rest of those who have directed vile, outrageous and shameful remarks in the direction of Coulter and others on the right.

(The answer to Dumenco's question is "Yes.") In know my syntax has a 'variable quality' aspect--but this guy has to be a heavyweight in the Syntax Murderer's contest...

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TexSport Publications said...

Ann Coulter is only saying what many people feel. She is not only a voice for herself, but for all those who cannot express the same thoughts for fear of reprisals in the workplace, public gatherings, and their own lives.

She has enough clout as not to worry that she will be fired for expressing her views.

I have heard liberal democrats say far worse and never be held to the scrutiny and contempt that she has.

This issue is proof positive that liberals and conservatives are not held to the same standards. Liberals, for the most part, are given passes on their views and controversial statements.

To read my post about Ann’s appearance on Leno on Wednesday evening, visit We welcome all views and opinions, no matter how ridiculous they are.