Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another Lawyer Example of "Common Sense"

The legal profession is taking public-relations hits from its own members. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch, right?

Somebody named Wassserman (a lawyer) wants to be the Milwaukee County DA and has allegedly taken a few positions:

Wasserman has quietly started circulating an e-mail with ideas such as amnesty for some traffic offenses, such as driving after a license has been revoked; no prosecution for minor drug possession, instead shifting assistants to homicide cases; and stationing assistant district attorneys “with a cop or two, at the entrance of every gun store” to check whether ammunition is being bought “for a prohibited person, or whether (buyers) themselves are prohibited.”

Do drugs, OK. Drive without a license, OK. Buy ammo? NOT OK.

I'm certain that Nan Haggerty and the other local cop-shops will be happy to assign coppers to stand around every gun store in Milwaukee County.

After all, they won't have to worry about drug- and traffic- offenses.

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