Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice

The Bulldog at Marquette mentions that 'supporters' of the FigthingBobFest (the annual marijuana party with "peace, justice and the Socialist Way" as its subtext,) included some interesting names.

It's even more fun to go to the 'second level' of the supporters.

One of them is the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, whose members include:

Benedict Center, Milwaukee
Casa Maria Catholic Worker Community, Milwaukee
Congregation of the Sisters of St. Agnes, Fond du Lac
ELCA Greater Milwaukee Synod
Franciscan Sisters of Mary - Madison
GLSEN-South Central Wisconsin
Pax Christi - Madison
St. Benedict's Center, Madison
St. Norbert Abbey Justice and Peace Committee
Saint Norbert College Peace and Justice Center
School Sisters of Notre Dame - Milwaukee Province
The Sinsinawa Dominicans (Racine/Chicago)
Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi, Milwaukee
Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross, Green Bay
Sisters of St. Joseph, TOSF, Chicago
Sisters of the Divine Savior, Milwaukee
Socialist Party of Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin-Madison -United Faculty & Academic Staff, AFT #223
Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba, Art Heitzer, Milwaukee
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Mike McCabe, Madison

Naturally, being a Catholic, I was interested in the number of orders of nuns who are into the dope-smoking support chain. Suppose the parents of little Suzy at DSHA hear much about the Order's interest in dope-smoking? How about the children at the SSND-run girls' middle-school on the South Side?



Anonymous said...

Great Blog! I've never really commented on a blog before, so here goes.

For the record, SSND is not involved in St. Mary Visitation Church or School. When St. Mary was established, there was a connection, but that has long since vanished. To my knowledge, there is not even a faculty member who is a member of the religious order. If you are going to imply a connection, you should at least contact the church/school to confirm or deny the allegation:

Keep up the good work!

Resident of Brookfield
Member of St. Mary E.G. Congregation

Dad29 said...

Thanks for your comment. I removed the reference.

Not that long ago, the Principal was an SSND, as was at least ONE of the teachers--I refer specifically to the early 1990's.