Thursday, September 08, 2005

Just Shut Up, Mary

Senator Mary Landrieu, scion-ette of one of the country's most corrupt political families, is loudly bi*&^%$g about the Federal response to NOLA, and by the way, to the Federal "stinginess" on building levees in the first damn place, etc., etc., etc.

Senator, if you have two brain cells remaining to rub together, get this straight: not only is the Federal taxpayer committed to $200K/displaced person at this time; the Federal taxpayer has spent more money on Army Corps of Engineers projects in Louisiana than in California--a state with 600% of Louisiana's population.

In addition, the Federal taxpayers have sent untold tens of millions of dollars in cash, food, clothing, and hard-good DONATIONS to people displaced by Katrina (some of which went to other folks--you may remember Mississippi and Alabama--) but a good portion of which went to Louisiana residents.

The next words coming from your shrewish lips SHOULD be "Thank You. Thank Y'all!! Thanks a $Billion times 60"--or some such.

If you can't say that, Mary, then just shut-the-*&^%-up.


Anonymous said...

Well, that's all fine and nice, except that Mary Landrieu also has to deal with the deaths of thousands of her state's citizens, deaths which were preventable and unnecessary.

I'd bet you'd be bitching, too, if you were in her shoes. And how conveniently you forget Louisiana's other Senator, Republican David Vitter, who has been bitching bitterly himself about the same things. Why don't you tell him to shut up, too? Oh, yeah, I forget, he's on your side of the ideological divide so his bitching gets a pass.

On another note, I just love how you express your Christian/Catholic charity. You are so very understanding and sympathetic to people emotionally affected by this tragedy. Jesus is so proud of you, I'm sure.

When you move to Louisiana, then you'll have the right to complain about Mary Landrieu. Until then, I think you need to be the one to just shut up.

Dad29 said...

The deaths were LARGELY preventable--had the Mayor of NO, another incompetent, actually followed his own EmergOps plan. There would have been deaths under any circumstances, however.

Never saw Vitter bitching on TV, sorry. Saw Jindal (R) bitching---and his silly accusations are so vague as to be meaningless.

You evidently didn't read too much of this blog or you'd notice that (R) folks take a beating from me when they deserve it.

Like anyone else who pays Federal taxes, I have a right to complain about corruption when those tax dollars are pissed up a rope or down a sewer in New Orleans.

Christianity ALSO demands accountability. Study up on the topic sometime.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...