Friday, September 16, 2005

Cdl. McCarrick Has Lost It

Some of you will recall that Cardinal McCarrick was caught in a little, ah, mis-representation (really a Big Lie, but hey!) last year: he told the US Bishops that Cdl. Ratzinger implicitly approved the "see-no-evil" approach McCarrick favored regarding pro-death pols receiving Communion at Catholic Masses.

Somehow, the ACTUAL letter surfaced--and needless to say, it did not agree with the Cardinal's statement.

NOW the Cardinal, having been granted a (brief, we pray) stay in his office beyond his mandatory retirement, has found a new Faith: the one with Allah as its god. This we learn from CWN's back page.

Although we suspect that the Cardinal's acquaintance with Belloc's Great Heresies may be distant in time (if he ever read it), the book is accurate in portraying Mohammedanism as precisely a heresy. And it is precisely because "Allah" is NOT tri-une--that is, the Muslims do not recognize the existence of Christ nor the Holy Spirit as members of the Trinity. To them, there IS no Trinity.

One can only hope that Rome's email system is functional and that the Cardinal's retirement will be immediately granted. He could always serve as a missionary in Turkey, or Somalia.

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