Friday, September 30, 2005

Now the Coverup Begins

If you've been following Able Danger, you know that this military-intelligence project had identified a group of terrorists in the USA--and had determined that one member was a fellow named Mohammed Atta--before 9/11.

AND you know that when the Able Danger team attempted to pass this knowledge to the FBI, they were blocked at every turn by Pentagon and Attorney-General types.

AND you know that Jamie Gorelick was at one time the chief Pentagon attorney for such matters, and later became #2 in the Attorney General's office.

AND you know that Ms. Gorelick was appointed to those positions by X42 and his co-President, the Hildebeeste.

AND you know that Ms. Gorelick served on the 9/11 Commission.

AND you know that the 9/11 Commission sorta, kinda, ....FORGOT!! That's It!! FORGOT!! about the testimony of the Able Danger team members--who told the 9/11 Commission members that yes, indeed, we KNEW about Atta & Co., but were prevented from ACTING on that by Clinton's Pentagon and Attorney General's office.

AND you know that Congressman Weldon blew the whistle on the 9/11 Commission Report for "forgetting" all about Able Danger.

AND you know that there are at least FIVE people who clearly recall the Able Danger work--which was ordered destroyed by the Pentagon (all 2.5 terabytes!!!!!!) of it.

AND you know that the Pentagon is concerned about testifying before a Senate Committee which is investigating the matter.

So guess what? The Pentagon has now 'pulled the license' of the main whistleblower, based on such remarkable crimes as misappropriating pens/pencils about 20 years ago.

CQ is doing an excellent job of keeping up with this Byzantine tale.


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

So the question is, how can we turn it around and blame it on Bush?

It HAS to be his fault somehow.

Dad29 said...

Bush is certainly NOT interested in pointing the finger at X42, nor his craven lackeys ("Pants-Stuffer" and Gorelick.)

We cannot assign blame for 9/11 on Bush; however, we can certainly state that GWB is covering up, by action or in-action, the failures leading to 9/11.

And that IS his fault.