Thursday, September 29, 2005

We Believe--But We Won't Put It in Writing!

Brookfield's Common Council leadership states that they really, really, really think property rights are important:

Brookfield aldermen Gary Mahkorn and Steve Ponto told the dozen residents attending Wednesday's meeting that the city has never forcibly seized a home or business for private redevelopment and that they could not foresee that occurring in the future.

"We are all crusaders for property rights," Mahkorn said. "I really can't conceive that we would endorse that."

"We just don't do that kind of thing," Ponto said. "We're not about to enter into any drastic changes in policy with this council."

But put it in writing? No way!!

Citing the Assembly's overwhelming vote to curtail seizure of private property for economic development, Brookfield aldermen said Wednesday that a local ban was not needed.

NB: Mahkorn and Ponto were VERY careful to specify that they would not take "homes" for more upscale (read: tax-rich) development. Obviously, owners of commercial property are at risk in Brookfield.

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