Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Windswept House' Prediction and X42

A number of years ago, a VERY-well-connected ex-Jesuit priest wrote a novel called Windswept House. Since this particular Jesuit was assigned to Rome, was multi-lingual, and saw a great deal of "eyes-only" correspondence in his assignment there, the book was taken seriously.

In brief, it was an allegorical portrayal of a number of events in the USA and Rome. The author stridently maintained that it was "semi-fictional;" but it caused quite a stir, insofar as the characters were largely Catholic Bishops and priests, thinly-disguised--we all knew, for example, that Bishop "Cuthbert" certainly resembled a former Archbishop of Milwaukee...and a good portion of the "fictional" events portrayed in the book were historical, not fictional.

Well, one of the book's predictions (more or less--remember, this is "fiction") was that an extremely popular secularist smooth-talker would eventually assume a worldwide office, perhaps the Sec-Gen slot in the UN--and that this figure was really the Anti-Christ.

(Isn't speculation fun???)

Want to play mind-games? JunkYardBlog has an interesting take on X42's latest adventure in the International Intellectualoid Community--from James Pinkerton, no less:

Last week in New York City, the Clinton Global Initiative (GGI) made its bid to upstage the United Nations' 60th anniversary General Assembly. And the former president made a start toward displacing the fading UN from its prominent perch. And he will be back to try again next year.
Put simply, the CGI is striving to be a better version of the UN, skimming off the cream and the glitz; Mick Jagger, Brad Pitt, and Chris Tucker, among other stars, showed up at the Clinton extravaganza. Convening in Manhattan at the same time as the General Assembly, just a mile or so from UN headquarters, the CGI set forth four missions for itself: a quartet of "breakout sessions" were dedicated global warming, economic development, religious harmony, and effective governance. All weighty topics, no? Exactly the sorts of issues that the UN would worry about, right?

Naaaah. We all know better than that, right? X42 the Anti-Christ? Never.


Neo-Con Tastic said...

As I mentioned on Boots and Sabers, that is messed up. Imagine how X42 feels, 'One intern per country! Awesome! Especially with that B*^@h stuck in the White House!'

Neo-Con Tastic said...

BTW, I'm gonna take this and post on my site if you don't mind. I'll give you proper credit because I won't be writing anything just quoting you.