Monday, September 05, 2005

Car 54 (Mayor Nagin) Where Are You?

There are a lot of reports (none which I can confirm) that the Mayor of New Orleans has been conducting his hissyfit interviews from BATON ROUGE. The Vanilla Fudge lyric comes to mind:

O let me tell you 'bout the way [he] loves,
The way [he] acts, and the color of [his] hair...

And [he's] not There!!!

And now it's become clear that the Wet-Pants Governorette did NOT allow Bush to Federalize the operations on Saturday; that Nagin "had the City Attorney review" the Governorette's request that the State take over; and that the State of Louisiana would NOT allow a zillion-dollar state-of-the-art mobile hospital unit to enter NewOrleans.

Further, it is reported that the NOPD's BACKUP GENERATORS were supposed to run on natural gas. That's a utility, folks, just like electricity. The idea of "backup" implies directly that the fuel-source should NOT be a utility, but independent. When someone attempted to bring in LNG to use as the backup-generator's fuel, they were turned away. IOW, the NOPD's "plan" was gravely flawed, and no one was allowed to execute the fix-it plan.

No wonder (as McBride mentions) the Mayor, (from Baton Rouge? Bimini? Toronto? Who-Knows?) has now authorized fully-paid-for Las Vegas "vacations" for NOPD members (yes, now. Of course, now. After all, the 82nd Airborne's in NO to keep order....)

Yup. It's all Bush's fault.

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xoff said...

Actually, the mayor has been criticized for refusing to leave the city and join most of his staff at an office they have set up in Baton Rouge. He has refused to leave. It would not take much fact-checking to find that out.